Friday, April 1, 2016


I'm all out- +Gary Vaynerchuk 
So keeping with your regularly scheduled blog post (yes on Fridays) I am posting today about the "anomoly" that is Mr. +Gary Vaynerchuk . Today on my way to work , and during my 20 minute commute I listen to his 5th book the #askgaryvee bestseller on +Audible . Luckily I still have a good 7 hours of him speaking and what a treat it is to listen to the Audio version, which I highly recommend. I normally stay far away from Audio books or Kindle as possible, the reason being I love the smell of a new book , the weight, the more pages the better. But listening to all these wonderful CEO's , audience , fans ask him the actual questions is amazing and moving.
Now back to the question to be all out, it made me nervous to see a live notification on +Periscope TR  and Snapchat of Gary announcing to "fans" that he was going to meet them at a corner street in LONDON!?? UMMM what??
Nervous because on that same day, there was 2 terrorist bombings in Brussels with 30 ppl dead. And here is Good Ol' Gary out in public calling to the masses to meet him in the streets !!!
I have to say he was completely out of the loop of the days events or he is a very BRAVE man. To just go out there in Europe and promote his book, in a corner street. I mean... Brave. Although he does not expose his family (close family) on social media. He personally is on a gazillion formats, I follow him thoroughly on Snapchat/ Instagram and of course You Tube where I am behind on at least 100 episodes of the #askgaryvee shooooooooooooowwwwwwwww (yes thats how it is pronounced) wink Have to end this blog short , I could go on and on about Gary : he just brings it and is the definition of a true Hustler. I recommend you check him out! and listen people listen to him.
So kudos , just hang it all out there, just don't go commando.
xo @latinabug_nj

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