Friday, April 1, 2016


I'm all out- +Gary Vaynerchuk 
So keeping with your regularly scheduled blog post (yes on Fridays) I am posting today about the "anomoly" that is Mr. +Gary Vaynerchuk . Today on my way to work , and during my 20 minute commute I listen to his 5th book the #askgaryvee bestseller on +Audible . Luckily I still have a good 7 hours of him speaking and what a treat it is to listen to the Audio version, which I highly recommend. I normally stay far away from Audio books or Kindle as possible, the reason being I love the smell of a new book , the weight, the more pages the better. But listening to all these wonderful CEO's , audience , fans ask him the actual questions is amazing and moving.
Now back to the question to be all out, it made me nervous to see a live notification on +Periscope TR  and Snapchat of Gary announcing to "fans" that he was going to meet them at a corner street in LONDON!?? UMMM what??
Nervous because on that same day, there was 2 terrorist bombings in Brussels with 30 ppl dead. And here is Good Ol' Gary out in public calling to the masses to meet him in the streets !!!
I have to say he was completely out of the loop of the days events or he is a very BRAVE man. To just go out there in Europe and promote his book, in a corner street. I mean... Brave. Although he does not expose his family (close family) on social media. He personally is on a gazillion formats, I follow him thoroughly on Snapchat/ Instagram and of course You Tube where I am behind on at least 100 episodes of the #askgaryvee shooooooooooooowwwwwwwww (yes thats how it is pronounced) wink Have to end this blog short , I could go on and on about Gary : he just brings it and is the definition of a true Hustler. I recommend you check him out! and listen people listen to him.
So kudos , just hang it all out there, just don't go commando.
xo @latinabug_nj

Saturday, March 26, 2016


I know, I know yikes my last post was end of February. My bad, or my busy. That's why today's post is all about what platform you choose. You can be on all kinds of platforms : Vine, Instagram , Periscope, Twitter, and on and on and on. Stop the madness. Choose your platform. What I mean by this is , for example , I will use myself as an example. My platform choices are Twitter, Periscope and Instagram currently. What I mean by active is yes I post everyday and I am growing organically. No buying followers here folks. Nor would I want to.
With Twitter I have been active since 2009 and shout out to @jack original founder of +Twitter . I actually posted on Instagram that is was the 10th anniversay ,10th of Jack Dorsey first tweet! And now on Bloomberg Business Magazine Mr. Jack himself is on the cover with the hashtag #Growthstall hmmmm.
Someone casually asked me the other day , well so tell me how often do you tweet? I didn't hesitate to respond , "Tweeting for me is like breathing" I breathe everyday , so I tweet everyday.
Actually I had a self-imposed non-social week, read previous post about this. It was excruciating to say the least and I do not recommend anyone trying it.
Also, lately been very hooked on +Instagram , I started late, love posting and seeing other peoples feeds. Very interesting. And you can actually  buy products! Don't even get me started with the make-up . Ordered a huge make-up haul Violet Voss you hear me???
Sometimes their are so many people / girls doing makeup tutorials I actually had a dream I was doing one myself. So yeah I had to unfollow some of these makeup places.  Instagram is so so interesting to me right now , and you can follow me on there too guys @latinabug_nj/// Its basically a daily glimpse into my life. And no I don't take 17 pictures before posting , and no I do not take down a post because of just a few likes. Who does that?
So choose wisely guys, just stay away from the FB , please!
xo @latinabug_nj

Friday, February 26, 2016


Miki is Mad and she is not gonna take it anymore!
There are 2 categories that I am very familiar with in this life: one is the pest control industry and the other is mentruation, menses , flo or whatever the heck you want to call it. This really does happen to you (if you are a woman) Since both topics generally grosses people out, rather than talk about bugs , I will write about a topic that has been in and out of my body since I was 13 years old: my period. I am a subscriber to @nymag and there was an article in the February 8-21 2016 issue named : PANTY RAID: Author: Noreen Malone. The referenced article was regarding the above lady named Miki Agrawal.
This is how New York Mag decided to title the article:
PANTY RAID: Self-styled tech broad Miki Agrawal wants to disrupt the tampon industry, turn periods into a cause, and make a lot of money in underwear.
Yes insert OMFG emoji here. The more I read the article the more fascinating I found Miki. I decided to follow her on @instagram and thought this girl has more energy than a 6 pack of Red Bull + Vodka combined!!
In the meantime , I was really proud of Miki, since I did suffer from heavy periods due to the fact that I had a giant fibroid in the words of my doctor "the size of grapefruit" that I had to surgically have removed in order to be able to conceive a child. And let me tell you the "myomectomy" (name of the surgery) was fuckin painful. I couldn't have sex for 3 months. And then on my husbands first attempt bam I got pregnant!
Anyway, I didn't think much of said article until Wham! , THE FEB. 22- March 6 2016 issue of NY Mag arrived at my front steps again.
And OMG it gets better!!!!
Inside in the Comments section things were on fire! So heated that Ms. Agrawal proceeded to write an article on Medium !! I still haven't read it yet here is the link An Open Letter to respectfully quit telling me how to "do feminism"
OHHHHHHH Miki is pissed! And I don't blame her, I mean come on NY MAG! seriously? I haven't read it yet but trust me I will.We support you MIKI!! girl power! Make sure you also buy her book "Do cool Shit"- It's already on my wishlist of course.
Oh and BuzzFeed's Matthew Zeitlin has read it and he responded as follows:
"Female reporters have enough problems with male subjects without female ones calling them bad feminists for writing down what they say"
The balls of this guy!

Oh, and not that we should ever consider our monthly flo to be trendy - but an instagram pic Literally called "I bleed each month" is nominated for a Shorty Award this year! The "instagramer" is called +Rupi Kaur. Ck our her pic in the link below. Her picture was nominated as Instagram photo of the year. I believe voting for all categories has closed but you can still ck it out!

I voted for i bleed each month already. Can you help by voting too? Here's the link:

The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media. Past winners include Taylor Swift, Ricky Gervais, Jenna Marbles, George Takei, Tyler Oakley, Jimmy Kimmel, Retta, Jerry Seinfeld, Conan O'Brien, Cory Booker, Sesame Street's Grover, Stephen Fry, Suze Orman, Rachel Maddow, William Shatner, Carrie Keagan and Chris Hardwick.
Wow until next week ladies and gents!
xo @latinabug_nj

Friday, February 12, 2016

#KUWTK -it's not what you think...


Sorry, not sorry that this is not about your treasured trashy family. We have been bombarded with all things Trashdashians and Yeezy. My Campaign will be about Keeping up with the Kampaign. You know the one you actually vote for ??? The one that people that serve in the military have died for? Your freedom , your right to vote People!
I am working on pitching 2 important companies to join me on my Presidential Library Kampaign (no this is not a misprint) since we are being overwhelmed w/ Koko and Lami / Yeezy Season 3. Barf.
And why do we accept this? Come on +The New York Times , aren't there more important things to cover on +Instagram ??? Yes I'm talking to you T- Magazine.
Yep so stay tuned ! I am working on my pitch. Have fun scrolling Instagram and Have a Happy V-Day as in Valentines. Love you guys!!!

Friday, January 29, 2016


So I know , I know its always shhhhh don't talk about Politics. And I say , why not?
Why not be proud of something that people all over the world risk and even die for : The right to vote!
That is why this year, more than any year (it is a leap year after all) I am pumped to dive into the Campaign 2016 and umm so is snapchat.
But anyway STAY TUNED!! Because remember that  TV commercial where the architect guides a young couple around structures that he built only to have the Mrs. pull out of her purse a kitchen sink faucet and tell the guy "Design something around this"??
So I say we are going to "Design something around the above book" - We Americans
And I ask you fellow americans to stay tuned!
Because Practice what you preach...
xo @latinabug_nj

Friday, January 22, 2016



Being a true Patersonian, lived there since I was 1 year old through grammar school.  I took my communion at St. Michaels Roman Catholic Church, and have great memories with the nuns, cause after all my mom would drop me off at crack of dawn to Sister Mary and they only spoke Italian (yes there was a large amount of Italians living in this city in the 60's and 70's) .  I enjoyed joining the nuns during their prep for breakfast, they would dine w/ gold plated silverware. And they would give me large and delicious crusty bread with butter. I would day dream and think that I would move there with them and live happily ever after...Don't ask me what happened after that. Anyway, when I got this announcement of Buildings of Paterson, I was jumping in excitement, not only am I passionate regarding architecture, but my childhood City too? Wow, I wasn't expecting this!
So here is a re-cap of my "notes" during Mr. Polton's presentation:
  • First Industrial complex was Rogers Locomotive work: several mills were built then leased to various firms: like Colt revolver
  • Paterson was always a City of immigrants 
  • In the 19th Century the City evolved into a major textile City: there was the Dolphin Mill/ Phoenix Mill and Union Mill a.k.a Rosen Mill : largest supplier to Woolworth
  • Hinchcliff Stadium was built in the 30's 
  • Woah, at the end of the Civil War the city's population was 60,000ppl
  • In the 1840's the Colt Mansion was built only to be demolished for a Federal Bldg. to take its place.
  • Did you know that there was a major fire that destroyed downtown in 1902 and that leveled the City?
  • However ,the Paterson Masonic Temple survived the fire - was built in 1900
  • Paterson was major in theatrical buildings too: Regent Theater built in 1914 closed in 1950
Ok so after this, my handwriting was all scribbles and I can't even read it, but there is hope! Mr. Polton is planning on taking us on a tour this Spring! So maybe he can decipher my handwriting (he-he) 
I'm so excited:
xo @latinbug_nj

Monday, December 28, 2015


Awwww....2015 giving a flower to 2016
Hi everyone, wow, just wanted to make sure I sneaked in a last post before year end, cause we are going to Disneyworld!!!! (no seriously) For all the Disney mayhem you can read my last post. And yes the Disney insanity continues. But I can only do so much. Christmas left me wiped out, Santa is exhausted . I've wrapped so many gifts I have to get a manicure- hehe anything to squeeze in a manicure.
I know , I know I was supposed to technically post this past Friday, but Hello Christmas! We are all very excited for the New Year. I mean very very excited: (bullets please):

  • Will get more gym time in! I'm not kidding
  • More books to read (and magazines) yum
  • More recipes to make !
  • More friends to visit and entertain
  • More business to grow!
  • More all things related to @garyvee
  • More @periscopeco
  • More me (I mean on the blogosphere)
Ok stop the bullet points we don't want to get carried away. I know a lot of people are shy about making comments. However, feel free to let me know what topics you wan't me to cover or you have an interest in. Because you know I can continue typing about anything an everything. I don't suffer from Bloggers block-hehe.
SO 2016 -here we come- it will be another Roller-coaster ride (yeah but this time I will be riding real ones at Magic Kingdom) For all live action - follow me on Periscope too!
love you guys, and thanks for tuning in every Friday!!!
Happy & Healthy 2016 to all of us!!
xo @latinabug_nj